Captain Joe "Zero" Terzuoli passed away while wreck diving June 20,2009

Joseph Terzuoli, better know as Zero or Captain Zero has been diving the North Atlantic since 1976 at the age of 14. Since 1976 he has made over 3,500  life time wreck dives. Joe has participated in expeditions to sites such as The Andrea Doria, The Republic, The U-Who (U- 869), Truk Lagoon, and Bikini Atoll. 

Captain Zero held a 100-ton USCG Merchant Marine Masters license. He had been running the John Jack for 16 seasons. Zero is certified in Technical Nitrox, Tri-Mix, Gas Blending, and a P.A.D.I. Divemaster. Joe was a licensed EMT and is trained in hyperbaric medicine, specifically as a chamber operator at the City Island chamber. 

Captain Zero operated a fill station on Staten Island called Dive Gasses Unlimited. It's a full service gas supplier offering custom fills of Air, Nitrox (21 - 100%) and trimix. Tanks can be delivered to the boat.  Zero’s main focus in diving is wrecks, lobstering, photography, and artifact collection.

Favorite quote: "We can FIX bent, we can’t even WORK with dead."