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Captain Al Pyatak Bio
email apyatak@sprynet.com

Atlantic Wreck Diving Inc.
92 Rt. 10, E. Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-3337 FAX (973) 887-5557

Captain Al Pyatak began diving as early as 1959 with his dad in North Jersey lakes. Unfortunately a few years later when it became necessary to become certified to get a tank filled his Dad decided not to continue and since Al was a young teenager at the time his early career was cut short. It wasn't until 1984 that while driving on Route 10 he noticed a sign for a dive shop, Lakeland Divers and made the fateful decision to just stop in just to see what was necessary to get his certification. Al is now the president of the corporation that owns Lakeland Divers. The thing that intrigued him the most on the day he stopped in was the talk of shipwrecks right of the coast of New Jersey, something that sounded far more interesting than the weed covered bottom of a lake. Although he didn't distinguish himself on his first trip off-shore aboard the Sea Lion "Nah I don't get sea-sick. I don't need to take anything" he managed to get in the water made a dive and realized that this was something he truly wanted to do and was determined to pursue it as far as he possibly could. He can still remember that day and the fact that as he quietly packed up his gear that day he knew it would take far more than the flash of a "C" card and a bunch of shiny new gear to impress the divers aboard that boat and in particular their Captain George Hoffman. The following is a list of Al's diving credentials.


NAUI #8281 Instructor since 1985 instruction to Assistant Instructor and Divemaster

& specialties: WRECK, CAVERN, NITROX

NASE #550 Master Instructor (inactive)

IANTD #120 (formerly #24 prior to the IANTD number reorganization)

Technical Nitrox Instructor

TDI #697 Technical Nitrox Instructor

Tri-Mix Instructor

NACD Full Cave Certified

NSS/CDS Full Cave Certified

Mixed Gas Diver since 1989 holder of IANTD Tri-Mix Diver certification #1

George Hoffman was Al's idle, an amazing diver, strong Captain and a gentlemen. A man that would "rip
you a new one" if he thought you were taking too many risks but would also take the time to show you how to do it better. In the early 90's Al decided that he too wanted to Captain a dive boat and in 1993 sat for his masters license. He is the holder of a 100 Ton Near Coastal Masters License with aux. Sail and Commercial Towing endorsements since 1993 and currently working as the senior Captain aboard the charter dive boat "SEA LION". Shortly before George passed away Al and his two partners purchased the Sea Lion from him and of all things Al has done, from Harley mechanic to jeweler he is happiest behind the wheel of the Sea Lion.